Dr. Fei SUN

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong SAR, China


Peking University                                                                              Beijing, China

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry                                                                               2007

The University of Chicago                                                               Chicago, IL, USA

Ph.D. in Chemistry (Advisor: Chuan He)                                                                   2012


The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology                            Hong Kong, China

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemical and Biological Engineering                           2014-present

California Institute of Technology                                                              Pasadena, CA, USA

Postdoctoral Researcher (Advisor: Frances H. Arnold)                                                  2012-2014

Honors and Affiliations

  • 2019 Royal Society of Chemistry Molecular Systems Design & Engineering 2020 Emerging Investigator
  • 2019  The Asian Universities Alliance (AUA) Scholars Award
  • 2018 Founding Member of the Professional Committee of Synthetic Biology, the Chinese Society of Biotechnology
  • 2016 The project titled “Microalgae for Uranium Mining from the Ocean (MUM)” was selected as one of the 10 top moonshot projects for the Google X Science Fair in California
  • 2011 Chicago Biomedical Consortium Scholar Award
  • 2010 The Everett E Gilbert Memorial Prize in Organic Chemistry
  • 2010 International Conference On Gram-Positive Pathogens Travel Award
  • 2006 Tung OOCL Scholarship, Peking University
  • 2005 The President’s Undergraduate Research Fellowship, Peking University
  • 2005 Merit College Student Award, Beijing
  • 2005 Law’s Charitable Foundation Law Ting Pong Scholarship, Peking University
  • 2005 Merit Student Award, Peking University
  • 2004 First Prize in College Physics Competition, Beijing

Public Media Highlights

2020 “Synthetic Biology and Protein Materials”, Wen Wei Po.

2017 “HKUST develops new smart hydrogel opening doors for future material biology”, Xinhua News; TVB; Ming Pao News; RTHK; Yahoo News; Shanghai Daily; Design News; Science Daily; Asian Scientist Magazine; Phys.org; Drug Delivery Business News.

2013 “Made-To-Order Branched Proteins”, Research Highlights, C&EN; JACS Spotlights; F1000Prime.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Superscripts: 1, PhD and MPhil student; 2, post-doc; 3, HKUST collaborator; 4, non-HKUST collaborator; 5, PhD or postdoc advisor; #, co-first author; *, corresponding author.

After joining HKUST

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  2. Cao, Y.,1 Wei, X.,4 Lin, Y.4 and Sun, F.* (2020). Synthesis of Bio-Inspired Viscoelastic Molecular Networks by Metal-Induced Protein Assembly. Molecular Systems Design & Engineering. DOI: 10.1039/C9ME00027E. (Invited for MSDE Emerging Investigators 2020 Special Issue).
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Before HKUST

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Book Chapter

Wang, R.1 and Sun, F.* (2020). Photoresponsive hydrogels. Photochemistry (Royal Society of Chemistry), 47, 379-403.


  1. US Patent: PHOTORESPONSIVE PROTEIN HYDROGELS AND METHODS AND USES THEREOF. Serial No. 15/974,927 filed on 09 May, 2018. Sun, F., Wang, R. Pending.

Professional Service

  • Professional Affiliations
    • Member of American Chemistry Society (ACS)
    • Member of American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
    • Member of Chinese Chemical Society (CCS)
    • Founding Member of the Professional Committee of Synthetic Biology, the Chinese Society of Biotechnology
    • Founding Member of the Professional Committee of Synthetic Biology, China Medicinal Biotech Association
  • Grant Review
    • Hong Kong Research Grant Council, Faculty Development Scheme (2018)
  • Workshops, Meetings and Conferences
  • April 20-24 2015. IAS Focused Program on Biomaterials for Medical Applications. (Co-Organizer).
  • September 18-20 2015. The 9th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering, Shanghai. (Session Chair).
  • February 18-19 2017. Discussion Forum between Engineering Schools of Peking University and HKUST. (Co-Organizer).
  • December 6-9 2018. Croucher-HKUST IAS Joint Workshop on Synthetic Biology and Living Functional Soft Matter. (Chair and Organizer).
  • May 19-24 2020, Glasgow, Scotland. The 11th World Biomaterials Congress WBC2020; Special Symposium: Synthetic Biology and Biomaterials (Co-Chair and Organizer).
  • Journal Services
    • 2019 Guest editor for the Special Issue of Frontiers in Chemistry on Synthesis of Novel Hydrogels with Unique Mechanical Properties.
    • Reviewer for many internationally renowned journals such as Journal of the American Chemical Society; Nature Communications; Angewandte Chemie; ACS Nano; Advanced Materials; Advanced Science; Science Advances; ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces; Advanced Functional Materials; Macromolecules; AIChE Journal; Advanced Biosystems; ACS Synthetic Biology; PLOS ONE; Journal of Visualized Experiments; Infection and Immunity; Lab on a Chip; The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering; Acta Chimica Sinica.
  • Invited Lectures and Seminars

In the past 5 years, Prof. Fei Sun have been invited to give > 45 research talks, including those in prestigious research institutes such as Univ. of Oxford, Peking Univ., Tsinghua Univ., Univ. of Edinburgh, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research and Google X.